Imagine a world where your clothes fit the way you want them to and wearing them sparks joy. At Hedda, we're here to make that a reality. By choosing repair over disposal, you're reducing your carbon footprint, one stitch at a time. You're saying no to the throwaway culture and yes to a more sustainable wardrobe that makes you look and feel the way you want.

As a tight-knit team, we strive to accommodate a wide range of garment needs. However, due to our limited capacity, we may need to decline projects requiring extensive work or pattern reworking. Should we find ourselves unable to fulfill your specific needs, we'll gladly direct you to other local service providers who may better suit your specific requirements.


At Hedda we believe in providing personalized care for each garment, understanding that every repair is as unique as the piece itself. While we can't determine the exact cost until we've had the chance to assess it in person, we're happy to provide you with a general idea of what to anticipate in terms of your investment.